The Program (2005)

Ready to change your life?

50 Minutes, Color, High Definition

Matt (Matt Samson) is working in rural Mexico, trying to escape his conventional New York family. Just when he thinks he's achieved his goal, he receives a computer disk from his deceased grandfather labeled "it took me eighty years to learn the meaning of life." Intrigued, Matt and his new co-worker, the spontaneous and carefree Sally (Susie Ross), journey to the nearest town with a computer to find out what's on the disk, and on each other's minds.

Matt... Matt Samson
Sally... Susie Ross
Hector... Gilbert Cruz
Juan... Jorge Rios
The Boy... Robert Lamonaca
Jose... John Damato
Gato... Lola

Writer, Producer, Director... Irin Evers
Director of Photography... Maninder K. Saini
Assistant Director... Anne Marie Dentici
Production Designer, Script Supervisor... Marissa Lubin
Editor... Nathan Lauterstein
Associate Producer... Michael D. Wilson
First Assistant Camera, Additional Photography, Gaffer... Vaj Potenza
Original Music... Andrew David Daniels
Sound Tech, Sound Mix... Steve Heffner
Color Correction... Steve Pequignot (Glue)
Second Unit Assistant Camera... David Cripton
Second Unit Grip... Allon Scheyer
Stunts... Christopher Place



  • 2005 WorldFest Houston: Platinum Remi Award (1st Place) in Independent Video  
  • 2006 ZoieFest: 2nd Place Feature Film  
  • 2006 Park City Film Music Festival: Silver Medal: Director's Choice for Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film (2nd Place) 
  • 2005 Big Apple Film Festival
  • 2006 NewFilmmakers (New York City)
  • 2008 BlueCat Screenwriting Lab – Semifinalist
  • 2001 American Gem Short Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist 






The Program, 1

Close-up of the cover of The Program DVD

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