Sweet Dreams:

"Great short that leaves a strong impression on the viewer. The ending could not have been more fitting, and that final sound is haunting."
-DC Shorts Film Festival

The Program:

"A joy to watch. In its medium-sized runtime The Program manages to delve deeper and ring more realistic than any mainstream teenie bopper Hollywood fare when it comes to conveying thoughts at this age. Evers' dialogue is both simplistic and surprisingly profound. Aside from the well-thought and engaging script, the rural Mexico locales are fantastic."
-Bill Clark, From the Balcony

"Evers does a nice job of imbuing the film with a subtle, unforced sense of style. Samson and Ross deliver natural performances that are enhanced by Evers' keen ear for dialogue that sounds authentic, and as a result, it's hard not to get wrapped up in The Program's low-key but effective vibe. 3 stars out of 4."
-David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

"Part mystery thriller, part road movie, part love story. A concise and ingenious gem that sparkles brightly from every facet."



Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens...:

"One of the more memorably authentic scripts we've ever acknowledged. The very human reality he details is utterly engaging because we recognize the world as our own."
-Gordy Hoffman, BlueCat Screenplay Competition & Winner of the Sundance Film Festival's Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for Love Liza

"Authentic touches give this moving character study a strong realistic look and feel. Terrific dialogue that captures the different voices of the characters. Vivid characterizations, both with the lead roles and the smaller supporting parts."'s Contest of Contest Winners

"Award winning screenwriter Irin Evers has an uncanny ability to touch on the heart and pulse of modern urban drama. His characters are incredibly well developed and completely human."
-Whitt Brantley, Whitt Brantley Management and Talent

Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens... (short script):

"Powerful, haunting, gripping piece of visual writing. I was hooked from the beginning. Your dialogue is strong and real."
-Jean Hunter, award-winning screenwriter

The Way It Spins:

"The characters are well-developed and the situations are relevant and resonant, which would attract top talent. Overall, the author demonstrates a fresh voice and an original, well thought out style that fits the particular story being written. (Russ') story is very particular, yet completely universal."
-Script Savvy

"I love it!!! Wow. It is so well written. Your dialogue and suspense building and humor and pacing, and so much truth. Couldn't put it down. Page turner. Just so awesome."
-Maninder K. Saini, award-winning filmmaker

"You demonstrate a strong sense of screenwriting craft in the way you write tight scenes and have a great writing style that is terse, tight and effective."
-Bill Pace,

The Switch:

"The script is sexy, thought provoking and yet sentimental all at the same time. Wonderful dialog and characters that we all have met (or are) at one time or another."
-Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition

Out of Sync:

"Really, really thought it was so funny. The humor is spot on. It appeals on so many levels. Very commercial. Great project."
-Pilar Alessandra, On the Page

"It's a marketable concept that you really deliver on, and you had me laughing at page one." 
-Naomi Beaty, The Script Department 

"The premise is fun, original and marketable... and (the) dialogue rarely produces anything short of genuine, gut-busting laughs. The bottom line is this: "Out of Sync" is just plain funny." 
-Freeman Montaque, Abbot Management

The Junior Detectives and the Cities of Gold:

"This is one movie I'd love to see on the big screen! I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. This will be attractive to kids and adults alike. And you've left this open for a sequel. Studios love tent-pole franchises! I think you've knocked it out of the ballpark with this one."
-Cheryl Herring, A Feeding Frenzy

"No notes for this story. Loved the adventure. It was lots of fun. Reads a lot like a Disney Family Adventure."
-Barb Doyon, Extreme Screenwriting

"Fun, easy to visualize, captivating and a great story. Helping each other face up to and overcome fears is a wonderful thing - especially when buried treasure is involved."
-Kids First! Film and Video Festival

Yard Sale:

"I really enjoyed reading it - it's a fun romp of a romantic comedy - very amusing and entertaining throughout, with many humorous moments."
-Cheryl Herring, A Feeding Frenzy

"The imagery is so well expressed, it is as though the reader can see the movie while reading it. This story is as old as love itself, but the way in which it is presented in this script is new and unique. The characters are timeless."
-Script Savvy

"Again, one thing that strikes me about your writing - your ability to create and present entertaining stories. You must receive full marks for story creation."
-Larry Myles, Red Inkworks

Needle in a Haystack:

"This was a fabulous story loaded with LOL moments on page after page. This is one film I would love to see on the big screen!"
-Cheryl Herring, A Feeding Frenzy


Irin Evers on the red carpet of the 2008 Cinema City International Film Festival

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