The Program (2005)

Drama/feature film

Matt (Matt Samson) is working in rural Mexico, trying to escape his conventional New York family. Just when he thinks he's achieved his goal, he receives a computer disk from his deceased grandfather labeled "it took me eighty years to learn the meaning of life." Intrigued, Matt and his new co-worker, the spontaneous and carefree Sally (Susie Ross), journey to the nearest town with a computer to find out what's on the disk, and on each other's minds.

  • 2005 WorldFest Houston: Platinum Remi Award (1st Place) in Independent Video  
  • 2006 ZoieFest: 2nd Place Feature Film 
  • 2006 Park City Film Music Festival: Silver Medal: Director's Choice for Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film (2nd Place)
  • 2005 Big Apple Film Festival
  • 2006 NewFilmmakers (New York City)
  • 2008 BlueCat Screenwriting Lab – Semifinalist 
  • 2001 American Gem Short Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist 

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Sweet Dreams (2007)

Drama/short film

What if your dreams just slid away?

  • 2008 Park City Film Music Festival: Gold Medal for Excellence (1st Place)
  • 2007 Waterfront Film Festival
  • 2007 Long Island Film Festival
  • 2007 DC Shorts Film Festival
  • 2007 Milwaukee Short Film Festival
  • 2009 NewFilmmakers Spring Festival (New York City)
  • 2007 WILDsound Feedback Film Festival (Toronto) 
  • 2008 FilmFest Reloaded (Staten Island, NY) 



Two Play (2006)

Comedy/short film

She thinks he's cheating.
He thinks she's cheating.
But the big question is… What's in the salad?

  • 2006 WorldFest Houston: Silver Remi Award (3rd Place) for Music (Shorts)
  • 2006 NewFilmmakers (New York City)
  • 2005 American Gem Short Screenplay Competition – Top 300 



John’s Day (2002)

Comedy/short film

John (Rick Brody) is having one of those days – dropping toothpaste on his shirt, just missing the subway – when a co-worker (Andrew Quinn) shows him an obituary of someone with John's same name and same hometown. John sees this as a sign – "life's short, you never know which day is your last" – and he leaves work in order to do all of the things that he was always afraid to do. Will John expand his horizons or will he continue to have one of those days?



The Lesson (2007)

Drama/short film

Thin floors and an active upstairs prostitute cause Rose, a lonely middle-aged Latino woman, to repeatedly bang on the ceiling with a broom in the hopes of a quiet evening... until one day, a piece of the ceiling gives way to reveal a secret that changes both women's lives.

  • 2007 Women's International Film Festival (Miami): Best U.S. Narrative
  • 2007 DeREEL Independent Film Festival: Best of the Rest
  • 2007 CineGear Independent Film Series: Finalist
  • 2007 Moondance Film Festival: Finalist
  • 2007 Rome (GA) International Film Festival
  • 2007 Echo Park Film Series 

Directed by Maninder K. Saini, Produced by Irin Evers




The Call Center (2009)

Comedy/short film

The Call Center is a short mockumentary about Raj, a Mumbai University dropout who decides to become a call center agent. Trouble begins when Raj fails to impress his new manager during training. But with the help of an overzealous linguistics instructor, Raj gets the verbal skills he needs to finally please his manager with his unique style of handling customers.

  • 2009 Asian American International Film Festival (New York): Nominated for Excellence in Short Filmmaking 
  • 2009 New York Television Festival
  • 2009 Vancouver Asian Film Festival
  • 2010 Williamsburg International Film Festival 
  • 2010 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
  • 2010 San Diego Asian Film Festival
  • 2010 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 
  • 2010 New York Women In Film & Television Celebrates SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now) 

Directed & Produced by Rumana Huq, Assistant Produced by Irin Evers




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